Reisevortrag: New York FernwehKARTE

auf Englisch
  • Veranstalter:  VHS Hernals
  • 11.01.2019 , 16:00-17:30 Uhr
  • Kursleitung: Mag.a Eva Linton-Kubelka
  • Kursort: VHS Hernals, Rötzergasse 15 , 1170 Wien
  • TeilnehmerInnen: 1 - 20
  • Kurs-Nr. 18.17.H2160.05
  • 1,5 Unterrichtseinheiten
New York always seems as the melting pot full of unique people, wonderful sights, sounds and things to do, whether you visit memorials, museums, Central Park or just walk down the street. New York has something to offer for everyone. Get out there, explore, take pictures and have fun. I am going to share my favourite things to do and places to visit.

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